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Retractable Skylight

Our Retractable Skylight System s which we are using coating material GLASS;

6 mm Tempered SOLAR CONTROL glass + 12 Cavity + ( 4+4 ) mm Laminated glass

Retractable Skylight Glass is ;

Safety & Security and Solar Control

Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the interior into tension. Such stresses cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular …

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. In the event of breaking, it is held in place by an interlayer, typically of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), between its two or more layers of glass. The interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded even when broken

Solar control glass can be an attractive feature of a building whilst at the same time minimising, or even eliminating the need for an air conditioning system, reducing running costs of the building and saving.

Double glazed solar control glass allows thermal insulation during the cooler seasons, protection from overheating during warm periods, energy savings in heating systems, air conditioning and artificial lighting, the protection of the environment that provide the solar control benefits of low-e coatings.

Retractable skylight glass roof systems are completely proofed against wind and rain and have excellent insulation properties against atmospheric conditions providing optimum energy savings.

Retractable Skylight Glass Roof Systems, whatever the weather outside You will always be in control of the climate inside…

Retractable Skylight Glass Roof Systems, are excellent solutions for outdoor patios at restaurants & cafe, motorized rooftop applications that the perfect outdoor event isn’t ruined by weather…

Retractable Skylight

Retractable Skylight

Retractable Skylight

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